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Milna was founded in the 17th century and developed around the Cerinić kaštil fortress. This noble family from Nerežišća chose the Milna inlet to build their fort and a church. During this period the settlement of Milna grew around the church and in 1783 a new baroque parish church was built – Our Lady of Annunciation. Another unique example of cultural heritage are the remains of the Gothic church in the Osibova bay. An interesting fact about Milna, during the Napoleon wars, in 1820, the Russian fleet installed its naval base here...

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Mrduja is an island, stationed halfway between the island of Brač and Šolta, valiantly guarding the Strait of Split. Once a year, these couple of hundred square meters of rock covered whit macchia shrub and cypress trees and adorned with a fort, Renaissance-Baroque church and lighthouse, become the object of intense dispute between the inhabitants of Brač and Šolta, especially those from Milna and Stomorska.

Tugging of Mrduja - Brač-Šolta

One this day, the people of Milna and Stomorska, literally tie their boats to each side of Mrduja and start tugging. In this satirical tug of war they each try to pull the little island to their respective side and claim it as their territory. The „war“ ends when a winner is proclaimed and awarded ownersship over Mrduja for a year. The Tugging of Mrduja embodies the irony and the self-deprecating humor of the islanders. It s a metaphor about the past and a lesson for the future.

Tugging of Mrduja - Brač-Šolta

Kalaton is an original sports event that takes place at the beginning of August, each year in Milna. Its name is a combination of two words – marathon and kala, the latter being the Dalmatian word for small, stone-paved streets, typical of Dalmatian towns and villages.

KALATON RACE - Milna Island Brač

Already a tradition, this tourist attraction is both recreational as well as educational in nature. It's a unique race that takes participants down hundred-year-old narrow streets and stone stairs and lets them experience Milna in a completely different way.

KALATON RACE - Milna Island Brač

How to ...

Simply follow the map, road signs, check in at designated points and finish the race at the Riva...

The landscapes of the island are amazing

Few sparks from Milna and island Brac

Nearby the milna

Discover the island Brač


Supetar - car ferry to Split


Vidova gora - Nice viewpoint


Bol - Beach 'Zlatni Rat'


Selca, Sumartin


'Pustinja Blaca'

Island Brac awesome gastronomy

Mediterannean and Dalmatian delicacies

Regatta 'Mrduja'

is organized by YC Labud on the first weekend in October and it is one of the oldest sailing races in Europe.
The Islet Mrduja, nearby MILNA, after which this race got its name, is the turning point or an additional finish line on the route Split-Mrduja-Split, 22 miles long. The first sailing race was held in October 1927.
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What to see and to do
Milna – Gea Viva camp

Inside the camp you can see the stone circle auditorium that honors the power and intelligence of the heart. The camp also features a 6 m long dragon sculpture, a summer kitchen designed according to the golden ratio, a permaculture garden in a Venus flower shape and many other wonders, each filled with calm and relaxation provided by Mother Nature.

Symbolic fort built by Vladimir Nazor, using gathered rocks

This symbolic tower, some call a sceninc viewpoint, made up of three concrete pillars and frieze, is somewhat hidden from view. It was built by Vladimir Nazor in memory of the sisters he had taken care of all his life. Carved on the pillars are the initials I, O and A, representing the three sisters: Irma, Olga and Amalija.

Safari tour of the island with a driver/guide

Includes visiting a stonemason family business in Donji Humac, followed by a trip to Škrip – the oldest settlement on Brač. The tour takes you further to Vidova gora – the highest point on the island. The next stop on the safari is the Blaca hermitage or Blaca monastery; the 16th century home to the Glagolitic monks who educated the local population at the time.

FJERA - feast day of Our Lady of Mount Carmel

16 July - Fjera is the feast day honoring Milna’s patron saint Our Lady of Mount Carmel, as well as Milna’s parish day and municipality day. Our Lady is named after Mount Carmel in Israel. This day is marked by religious and cultural events, as well as entertainment. The highlight of the day is the holy service that takes place in the afternoon and is followed by a traditional procession.

Milna- church Our Lady of Annunciation

is a baroque-style church built in 1783. The church is adorned with an ornate facade and stone steps leading up to it. Its tall bell tower, built in the 16th century, is older than the church itself. Part of the church is also the sacristy – the original small church built in 1519. The inside of the church is cathedral-like, with plenty of light, with seven marble altars and valuable altarpieces, paintings by Venetian artists.

Ložišća – St. John and St. Paul church

was built in 1820 and features a baroque facade and a stone courtyard in front of the church. The most prominent part of the church is its ornate bell tower, designed by the great Croatian sculptor Ivan Rendić and built in 1899.

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